Academics Day to Day at LCA

School Curriculum:
LCA's Director of Education, Robyn Crider, works closely with each teacher to develop the curriculum, materials, supplies and other items used in each classroom. LCA uses a variety of teaching styles and curriculum, relying heavily on Abeka and LifePAC. LCA's student to teacher ratio is very low, with a cap of 18 students per classroom. This enables our teachers to devote more time to each student and their individual learning styles and needs.
LCA does not participate in Common Core.
Please contact the Director of Education, Robyn Crider at 270-946-1316 for more information. 
Homeschool Students
 We understand the special challenges homeschool parents face as you strive to provide a quality education for your precious children. LCA offers a unique way to help with these challenges. Starting in the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year, LCA began offering our classes to homeschool families on a class-by-class basis.
How does this work? LCA's class-by-class option lets you pick single classes for your homeschooler, taught in our facility by our certified teachers. For example, if you want help with teaching science to your 6th grader, you can enroll her/him for just that class and the student can come to our school to receive that instruction. Maybe you don't want to tackle teaching math to that 3rd grader who can't stand to think about her times tables; we can help! If you are interested in learning more please contact us by phone or email, or better yet, stop by our school and take a tour of our classrooms!
Extra-Curricular Activities: 
LCA's Director of Education, Robyn Crider oversees all extra-curricular activities pursued in addition to the normal course of study, such as:
Spanish Language Instruction
Sign Language Instruction
BETA Club (coming 2019/2020 school year)
4-H Chapter (coming 2019/2020 school year)
Band and Choral Music
Theatre Class (coming 2019/2020 school year)
 Spanish Class 
Students in middle grades through high school classes will engage in Spanish class to learn and understand Spanish words, phrases, culture, etc. Students learn through engaging activities including games and team challenges, supplementary materials and sensory input such as music.  
 LCA Store and Bank


LCA will have a student-run bank and a student-operated store. LCA's 5th through 8th Grade students are responsible for the LCA Store and learn to operate the cash registers, conduct store inventory, complete bank deposits, etc.
LCA students receive "LCA Bucks" as part of our school-wide PBIS system. Students can redeem their earned bucks in the LCA store for items they want OR they can open a "savings account". LCA's High School students operate the student's school "Bank". This allows students to learn about opening a bank account, saving money and money management. Our goal is to train students to be smart with their resources and learn to manage funds wisely.  Parents and anyone else who would like to donate items for the LCA store can contact Stacy Gant at 270-946-1316.
Sports Activities
LCA's P.E. Teacher works with students on the fundamentals of sports and sportsman-like conduct and engages students in daily physical activities. LCA does not conduct it's own sports teams however, LCA coordinates with the local Parks and Recreation Department to engage/sign up students in local sports activities.
Band and Music Class
LCA offers a Music program designed to enhance the musical, creative and expressive qualities of all students.  Musical opportunities are provided for every child to learn the basic skills of singing, playing and reading music, developing song repertoire, broadening listening skills and experiencing the interrelated nature of music with other cultures and content areas. In addition to our class day music program, LCA offers the opportunity for students to join Band class. In band class, students will receive instruction on how to play and take care of their chosen instrument.
Sign Language
LCA offers a Sign Language program for Kindergarten through High School classes. LCA teaches basic sign language with an ESL and ASL mix throughout. Students learn to sign the alphabet, basic vocabulary, numbers, and sign language to a variety of songs. If you would like to help LCA with this class, please contact Holly Bowman.